Our Candles & Products

With only a handful of quality candles available today, our candles were created to offer customers a complete experience. Through endless hours of testing, we’ve formulated a candle that when burned would consume the wax entirely.  When extinguished has white smoke instead of black. 

Ever wonder why you candle went out on its own?  Our wicks are large enough to prevent the flame from drowning out or tunneling of the wax. The fragrances that we have selected, are authentic that are true to their names without a synthetic after smell.

                Each candle is hand poured unlike mass produced candles found in large retail stores. Our candles are scented in small batches offering more fragrance and scent throw than traditional candles. Candles come in an assortment of aromas topped with a whimsical design on top to match each scent name. The hand painted lids offer a rustic finish which adds a finishing touch.

                Our mission is to offer quality, great smelling, innovative candles, that indulge customers senses and create an environment reminiscent of life’s fondest memories.  This brand is an affordable sensory experience catering to women of every walk of life.