Inspiration behind her line Pamper R Nurses for healthcare workers.

Posted by Khae Collins on 11/17/2019
Inspiration behind her line Pamper R Nurses for healthcare workers.

Having been a nurse for twenty years, I noticed my hands would become dry after multiple hand washes. Once the weather dropped into cooler temperatures, elements in the environment increased the likeness of acquiring winter hands. I observed my coworkers suffering from the same problem. It didn’t seem as if there was a way around hand washing or sanitizing as it’s necessary in preventing infection.

 According to the CDC, nurses and healthcare providers might need to clean their hands on average 5 to 30 times per shift. It was noted some nurses washed their hands as many as 100 times per shift depending on number of patients and intensity of care.

Through observation and research, I was inspired to formulate an innovative skincare product created from natural ingredients that left  hands moisturized and protected. I wanted to use ingredients that were natural, free of irritants, and easy to pronounce.

My brand grew from simply sharing a sample at work during my shift. From then on, the request for it greatly increased. Soon the topic bringing caregivers together at the station was how soothing it was to their skin along with the stimulating aromas.

Pamper R Nurse’s hand butter contain four natural ingredients that provides moisture and help combat dry skin.  The newest product comes in a tube small enough to fit into any scrub pocket. Other benefits include requiring a small amount making it long lasting, stays on between washes, non greasy, and leaves a satin like feel afterwards. Customers also have the option to customize the nurse character on the label of their product ordered.

Pamper R Nurses wasn’t just about creating a business. I wanted to be able to bring workers together with the focus of encouraging them to provide self care for themselves. My goal is to become the number one skincare brands for caregivers.



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