Our Story

 Many of you may know me. We have known one another through similar situations and experiences which has united us together. We are an elite group of diverse women. I am the single mom raising kids while attending college. I am also a married woman that multi-task to keep her family together each and every day. Could I be the best friend that has laughed with you and listened to many problems you have had to experience. Maybe I am a career woman, dynamic and goal driven.

My name is Khae pronounced K. I’ve been a maker since 2001. I decided to turn my passion into a business that inspired, empowered, and strengthened women. My products are designed to felicitate relaxation, and stress reduction by encouraging you to take time out for yourself. Taking time out for ourselves helps us to be the best we can be for ourselves and family.

I have worked two jobs for the last ten years while going to college raising children. I currently drive two hours to work each week.  If you are asking yourself if I still work two jobs..Why yes I do. Through all of the madness I still have time to create quality home fragrance products just for you and your home. 

With the many changes in politics regarding Healthcare, I grew unsatisfied in my current line of work. I wanted to continue to create the same happiness and make others smile like I could with my line of candles. Pampered Senses Candles was established and has grown a popular following, and I’ve become successful in my goal to empower others and make them smile.  Although my three older children are now grown, I enjoy designing products with my five year old Ambriz. I am also very glad to meet you.